Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are available in over 100 different sets. We are adding new ones to the website every day, so please contact us if there is something that you are looking for!
View all 101 dalmatians 10th doctor 5 5 ducks 5 little ducks 5 little pumpkins 5ducks abomination abu Accessories adam after school care aladdin aladdin birthday party aladdin finger puppets aladdin party Alice Alice in Wonderland alice in wonderland dish towel alice in wonderland finger puppets All Products amethyst anchor angry angel angry birds angry birds finger puppets angry turtle animal animal doctor animal finger puppets animals animaniacs Anna anna finger puppets Annie apollo apple princess applejack arabian arabian princess ariel ariel finger puppets army aurora Baby bad guy finger puppets bad woman bag bane barn barn animals barn bag barrel basket Bat bat girl batgirl batman bb8 be your own superhero bear bears beast beauty beauty and the beast belle benjamin benny Big big bag wolf big bird big hero 6 big hero 6 finger puppets big hero 6 toys Big red dog Biggie bird bird finger puppets birthday party favors black black panther black panther finger puppets black panther toys black widow block block brothers block man Blossom blue blue train blueberry boat boba fett book bowser brain branch branche Bride Box bridget broom brothers bubble bubble guppies bubble guppies finger puppets bubble guppies toys bubble guppy puppy Bubbles bulbasaur bunnies bunny bus Buttercup c3p0 captain america car cardinal carrot carrot car cars Cars Finger Puppets castle cat cat in the hat catboy chandelier chansey charlie Charlie Brown charmander charming chase cherry chewbacca chick chicken Children children's toys China Chinese Chinese New Year chinese puppets chip chipmunk Chloe christmas Christmas Animals christmas finger puppets christmas gift christmas tree christms cinderella cindy lou clarice clear Clifford clock cockatoo coco coco finger puppets coco party ideas cogsworth Coloring Comic comic book comic con community helpers construction cookie cookie monster Cooper Coraline Coraline Cake Coraline Finger Puppets Coraline party Coraline party favors Coraline Puppets cornelius Cotton cottontail cow creatures crest cruella Crush cupcake toppers cups cute Cyberman daddy pig Dalek dalmatians dalmations daniel tiger daniel tiger finger puppets daniel tiger party daniel tiger toys dante darling darth maul darth vader dash day of the dead dead pool deadpool deer demi despicable me dinosaur dinosaur birthday party dinosaur finger puppets dinosaur gifts dinosaur party Disney disney inspired diy wedding DJ Suike DJ Suki doc Doctor doctor seuss dog doggy dogs doll dolls don't let the pigeon drive the buss donkey dopey Dory dot Dr. Seuss dr. seuss birthday party dr. seuss decorations dr. seuss party Dr. Strange Dr. Who dr. who finger puppets dr. who toys Dragon drax duck ducklin duckling dumbledore dwarf dwarves eagle easter easter egg easter finger puppets edna eevee eeyore egg einstein elaina elastigirl elephant elf ellf Elliot elmo Elsa elsa finger puppets emmet emoji santa emperor eric ernesto Eve everest everyday heroes evil evil minion evil minions evil queen evil stepmother ewok eyeore fairies Fairy fairy tale Falcon family fantasy farm farm animals farm girl farmer farmer boy farmer girl Farmhouse fauna fawn felt felt toys Finding Dory finding dory finger puppets finding dory toys Finding Nemo finding nemo finger puppets finding nemo toys finger puppet Finger Puppets finn fire fire chief fire truck firefighter firefighter finger puppet fireman fireman finger puppet firewoman Fish fish finger puppets Five Ducks Five Little Ducks Five Little Monkeys five little pumpkins flash flopsy floral Floral fox flounder flower fluttershy flying horse flynn flynn ryder forest animals forest birthday party forest creatures fox fox love frankenstein fred french frog Frozen frozen finger puppets frozone Funny fuzzbert game of thrones game of thrones finger puppets game of thrones puppets game of thrones toys gamora gekko genie genie lamp geo george Ghost gift gift set gift sets gingerbread gingerbread house giraffe girls glass slipper glass slipper princess goldilocks goldy GOT grandma grandmother grandmother's house green green goblin green lantern grinch Groom groot grover gruffalo gruffalo masks gruffalo party gruffalo puppets gruffalo toy grumpy guardian guardians guardians of the galaxy guardians of the galaxy finger puppets guardians of the galaxy party guardians of the galaxy toys guy diamond hagrid hagridhedwig halloween Halloween Finger Puppets hamster hamster cage handmade toys Hans happy happy easter Harry Potter harry potter finger puppets hector hedgehog hegwig hei hei hei hermey Hermoine hero hickory dickory hickory dickory finger puppets Holiday honey honey pot honeycake hood hook horse horton hosue house hulk hummingbird humpty dumpty incredible incredibles incredibles 2 incredibles finger puppets incredibles toys infinity war infinity war finger puppets infinity war toys Inside Out iridessa iron man ironman island princess ivy jabba jack jack jack jack-jack jafar jasmine jasmine finger puppets jawa jigglypuff joker June k9 kakamora katerina king kingsmen knight knight finger puppets knuffle bunny knuffle bunny party knuffle bunny puppets knuffle bunny toys Kristoff kylo Leah lego lego movie lego ninjago leia lemon Leo light saber Lightning McQueen lightning mouse link Linus Lion lion guard lion guard finger puppets lion king little einstein Little Einsteins little kids little mermaid little mermaid finger puppets little monsters little red riding hood little red riding hood finger puppets llama lobster lock loki london Lucky Cat Lucy Luigi luke lumiere magic carpe magic carpet magic mouse maleficient mama bear mama duck mama imelda Mario Marlin marshall maui max meowth merida meriweather mermaid mermaid hooded towel michael michaelangelo mighty morphin power rangers miguel milli minimus Minion minion birthday minion finger puppets Minions MLP mlp finger puppets moana moana finger puppets mommy pig monkey monkeys monkeys jumping on a bed monkeyu monster monsters montessori inspired toys mopsy Mouse movie mr. dinkles mr. grouper mr. incredible mr. rogers mrs. clause mrs. potts mulan mummy muppets Mushroom my little my little pony my little pony finger puppets mystery mystery van Nahal nakia native american neighborhood Nemo nick nick jr nightmare Nightmare before christmas nightmare before christmas puppets ninja ninjago ninjago finger puppets ninjago party ninjago party favors ninjago toys Nintendo normal nursery nursery rhyme Ocean octonaut octonauts octonauts finger puppets octonauts toys Octopus okoye Olaf olaf finger puppets old mcdonald on the places you'll go onederland onederland party oogie orange oscar oscar the grouch owelette owl oyster pajama kids palace pets pan Panther papa bear parrot patrol paw paw patrol paw patrol bracelet paw patrol finger puppets paw patrol party PBS pearl peggy peggy carter penguin peppa Peppa Pig peppa pig birthday party peppa pig finger puppets peppa pig party peppa pig toys percy pet pete the cat pete the cat finger puppets pete the cat party ideas pete the cat saves christmas pete the cat toys pete's dragon peter peter pan peter rabbit peter rabbit finger puppets pets phillip Pig pigeon pigeon finger puppets piglet pigs Pikachu pilgrim pilot pink pinkie pie Pixar pj mask pj mask finger puppets pj masks pj masks bracelets plane Play pochontas poe poison ivy pokemon Pokemon Go police policeman ponies pony poppy power puff power rangers Powerpuff preschool prince prince charming prince phillip princess Princess Peach pua puffer fish Pumpkin puppets puppies puppy puppy team purple purple horse queen Quincy R2D2 rabbit raccoon racing car rainbow bag rainbow dash rajah rapunzel rarity red red nose red riding hood red shoes red skull Reindeer rescue dogs reverse flash rey riddler robin robot rocket rocky Ron rooster rosetta rubble rudolph rudolph finger puppets ryder salamander sally santa santa clause sapphire scooby scooby doo scooby doo finger puppets screenslaver sea finger puppets seahorse Seasonal Seasonal - Christmas Seasonal - Thanksgiving Seasonal Items sebastian sesame sesame street Seuss seven dwarves shang she hulk sheep Shimmer shimmer and shine finger puppets Shine Shine and Shimmer shock shuri silvermist Skeleton skunk sky skye sleeping beauty sleeping beauty finger puppets sleepy sleigh sloth sneezy Snoopy snow snow white snowman songs sophia sophia the first sparkle sparrow spider spiderman spring spring time spring time finger pupepts spring time finger puppets squid squirtle Star Wars star wars finger puppets star wars gifts starfish starlord stepmother stepsister steven steven's universe steven's universe finger puppets sting ray stocking stuffers storm trooper Story story finger puppets story telling storybook storytelling strawberry strawberry shortcake strawberry shortcake finger puppets sultan super hero super man super mario super mario brothers super mario brothers finger puppets super woman Superhero superheroes Superheros superman superwoman sweet sweetie swimming syndrome t'challa Tala tangled Tardis TBone teacup team umizoomi teapot teddy bear thanksgiving thanksgiving finger puppets Thanos the troll movie thing 1 thing 2 thomas thomas the train thomas the train finger puppets thomas the train party thor three three bears three little pigs tiana tiger tigger tink tinker belle tinkerbelle toddler togepi toucan tracker tree troll trolley trolls turkey turtle twilight twilight sparkle umi umizoomi umizoomi finger puppets umizoomi toys under the sea under water adventurers unicorn unicorn finger puppet unique star wars gifts unique wedding ideas ursula Vampire vampirina vampirina birthday party vampirina finger puppets vampirina party favors van vehicles velma video game vidia villain violet Vision volcano Voodoo Doll wakanda wakanda forever wakko Wall-E Wall-E finger puppets Wall-E toys WB Wedding Wedding Favor wedding finger puppets Wedding Ideas weddings with kids wendy whale wheel winnie Winnie the Pooh winter winter animal finger puppets Witch wizard wolf wolfie woman wonder Wonder Woman woodland woodland animals woodland creatures woodpecker Woodstock yakko Yellow yoda yukon cornelius zelda zoe zuma

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