Finger Puppets - Beauty Princess Set

Regular price $ 5.00

This Beauty Princess set of finger puppets is ready to keep your child entertained for hours! These soft toys would be great for a road trip! Each puppet measures approximately 3.5" tall and is big enough to fit an adult finger. Crafted from felt, cut by hand and machine stitched.

Please note: The Rose in Glass is not a puppet. It has a closed seam on the bottom.

1 for $5
5 for $20 - add in the Note field which 5 you want
1 carrying pouch for $8
Entire set of puppets with 1 carrying set for $60.00

Great for toddler's fine motor skill (dexterity to put on all 5 on each of their fingers) or for party favors.

Each of the puppets are a handmade item made-to-order, therefore, the items placement might differ slightly due to its handmade nature. These finger puppets are MADE-TO-ORDER.

While my items are very carefully stitched, usage is recommended for children 3 years and older due to safety. Supervision is required at all times for items containing small pieces.

Looking for more options? We have over 20 sets to choose send us an email at and we can send you the other options we have available!

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