Summer Plans...Fall & Winter Planning...oh yeah, and a baby!

Summer Plans...Fall & Winter Planning...oh yeah, and a baby!

What's that? June knocking on our door? we come!

Summer always means a quieter time for us at Leluna Star because we do less events.  We will still be doing a few events from June through August because these are our monthly favorites to do and it's a great way for me to arrange custom order pickups, meet new customers and repeat customers always know where to find us. 

June 10th - Downtown Cary Food and Flea
June 16th - Pop Up Raleigh
July 21st - Pop Up Raleigh
August 12th - Downtown Cary Food and Flea
August 18th - Pop Up Raleigh

In case you missed our announcement on Mother's Day, we will be having a new addition to our family arriving in November and we are thrilled! Our daughter, Maddie is so ready to be a big sister.


It will also bring some changes to our Fall and Winter show schedule since I won't be able to be out and about as I had once planned. I'll be working throughout the summer to get the website working even better than it is now to encourage more online shopping. I'll also be having a special sale coming this Summer and of course, our huge Black Friday Sale will still be happening!

This Summer, I will be focusing on getting more of our finger puppet sets on our website especially the ones that I've been getting requests for. Yes, with all the finger puppets I already have available online...I still have more to add! 


I will also be working on some personal projects and sharing the journey with you all along the way because I have a feeling that I'll be adding some of the products that I'll be designing and creating to the Leluna Star website. Be sure to follow my blog posts as I completely redo my daughters bedroom and turn it into a shared bedroom for her and her new baby brother! read that's a boy!...and yes, I've already been shopping ... and yeah...I can't find much I like. I know, I all asked me to make more boy clothes, but I didn't understand your struggle until it was my own. Guess what? I'm already planning on some boy clothing items to well as some new baby items - both clothing and also nursery items.

This Fall/Winter is still being planned and organized, but one thing for sure is that there will be a ton of masks added to the website in time for Halloween and any dress up day! But more on that later...

For now, you can find most of products pictured in this blog post as part of our Fab Friday Collection and you can save 15% off anything in that collection by using the code FABFRIDAY15 (good until 5/31/2018).

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Super simple, right??


Make shopping for Mother's Day a lot more fun with Leluna Star

Make shopping for Mother's Day a lot more fun with Leluna Star

Are you a mother or do you know one and/or have one? If so, this is the blog post for you. I mean --- everyone should fall into one of those categories,right? 

I know you are thinking, "Um, don't you make stuff for kids?" and yes...yes I do. However, without mothers....there would be no kids to create for, so I've always made things for moms too. 

I have put together an entire Mother's Day Collection (not that you should only be shopping for your mother once a year..ahem) that has a wide selection of products that we think any mother would love. 

This Mothers Day blog post is taking it one step further and highlighting some of our favorite items for mom.


Okay, every mother is a "strong" mom. You have to be to deal with those crazy antics that your kid gets into. I mean, HOW do they climb on top of the fridge so easily? 

All of our tanks are perfect for those moms that like to kick butt and take names. Our Cord Keepers are great for those days at the gym that you need to keep at least one thing from getting out of sorts: headphone cords.



THE ORGANIZED MOM (or the mom that wants to be...)

Sometimes we just need a new bookmark or planner band to help us go the next step in getting things organized better than we did last year.




For the mother that loves being organized or the one that needs something to help her reach the goals, you can check out our Planner & Organization Items. We have bookmarks, planner bands, paper clips, pocket keepers and more. 


What about a personalized piece of embroidered art for mom? We can customize the colors in all of our Stitches of Art designs.  The designs can be stitched and matted for framing, or stitched onto canvas bags or dish towels.

Ah...the mom that totally gets me...the geeky mom. Whether it's the superhero headband she needs or a felt bag to just make her smile - we can help you with that. 

Can't decide? Grab her a Leluna Star gift card and let her shop for herself!
Use the discount code ILOVEMYMOM to save 15% off all items in the Mother's Day Collection. 

Whatever you do for your mom for Mother's Day, celebrate what makes her special and unique. Tell her how much you love her. Being a mother myself, that's what makes every day special.

Fab Friday - April 13, 2018

Fab Friday - April 13, 2018

The most difficult part of a vacation is getting back to work and this week was no different! So, to help with the sluggish feeling - I decided to focus on orders and creating things that made me happy. 

Finger Puppets - Panther


Without a doubt, I've had so many requests for these finger puppets the past month and I am so excited to finally have them available for purchase. The Panther Finger Puppets will also be a staple at my events this year, if you want to see them in person before purchasing.  I also created a new finger puppet bag with this set - but honestly, I had to offer it as a bag/purse as well. 


All of our Felt Bags can be made three different ways - and yes - once a category is part of a Fab Friday Collection, you can use the discount code FABFRIDAY15 on any of the designs that you see in that listing. (Pretty cool, huh?)

Another finger puppet set - Ninja Block Men - is just too cool. My daughter has already snagged her favorites. 


And a quick update to one of our most popular finger puppet sets - Out of this World - we've updated 4 of the most popular characters with a new design that matches the other characters in the set. 


Last, but not least - a new key chain set is coming next week, but I had time to sneak one of them in this week. 



Remember - use the code FABFRIDAY15 on everything and anything in the Fab Friday Collection to save 15%. The collection changes every Friday, so you have less than a week to use the code on these specific items. 

April & May Events: Welcome to the second busiest time of year!

April & May Events: Welcome to the second busiest time of year!

With October - December being the absolute busiest time of year for me, the Spring is a very close second. 

April and May bring some of the biggest events that I do throughout the year as well as some new events that I am really looking forward to and of course...the geekiest one of the year!


If you have shopped with us at GeekCraft Expo or Locally Made Market before (and have given us your email address), be on the lookout for a big discount heading your way later this month! There is a shopping coupon at the bottom of our second quarter newsletter (coming out next week), so be sure to save that when you come visit us at these events in April and May.....and of course, sign up below if you haven't already!

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Super simple, right??

I will be focusing on creating for these events, so that I am fully stocked but be on the lookout for some new items as well every Friday. Of course, with Mothers Day and Fathers Day just around the corner - you know  I will have something special prepared. 

Here we go!

Where's this Spring Everyone Keeps Talking About? - Fab Friday 3/23/2018

Where's this Spring Everyone Keeps Talking About? - Fab Friday 3/23/2018

I don't know about you, but I'm over Winter and ready to move on to Spring. I'm ready for the sun to come out (and stay out) and for the warmer temps. Perhaps that's why I've been drawn to all things Spring: Bunnies and Spring Colors.

Our Bunnies have been a huge hit this month as everyone prepares for their Easter baskets and we have loved making them. I've even been able to personalize the Simple Bunny with a name too. 

It's been awhile since any new children's tops designs have been added to the mix and I added three this week:

Little Dreamer


Hug Time


Whoooo's Up for Some Shenanigans?

And of course, I didn't forget my amazing women customers --- with new tops for women added this week as well. I've now added more color choices for the tops and another style - the dolman top - which is great for the times when a tank won't work, but you still want to be sassy.

I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.



Fab Friday - 3/2/2018

Fab Friday - 3/2/2018

Earlier this week I shared with you all that I will be getting back into designing and sewing and that is exactly what has been going on this week. (If you missed the post, you can find it here.)

For March, I decided to start  off reintroducing my top 4 designs,with a personal favorite being the Swing Top


This top is perfect for the Spring and Summer with its ease of wear and fun fabrics. I've added more fabric options and will be adding more throughout the month. This design is available in sizes 6M-4T.


Another design is our Bonnie Jean - a knit tunic top or dress - that can grow with your child through the years. My daughter has been wearing hers for 2 years now. It started as a dress and now we throw on some leggings and it's a top! 


With Easter right around the corner, our Precious Penelope dress is a sweet option for your little one. Available in five seersucker fabrics - throw on a petticoat slip with this dress and it is a beautiful, vintage dress. 
As someone that grew up on a little farm in New York - anything that has a farm scene on it - is close to my heart. Our Farm Girl dress is available in three different fabric options. 

Our Custom Design listing is now online and ready to go as well! We have create a "one stop shop listing" for all of our custom designs that we can create with you. I've also added photos of some of the custom work that I have done in the past. 
As always, use the code FABFRIDAY15 to save 15% on everything in this collection - until next Thursday (3/8/18)!  
Next Week: I'm already planning on a super fun week of releases next week: a new play set and this one even comes with a costume! ;)  I'll also be releasing some new tops for women next week. It's been awhile since I've added some new designs and this warm weather has got me ready to rock some new ones!  

March: Old Stories and New Beginnings

March: Old Stories and New Beginnings
It may not be officially Spring yet, but there are some beautiful new things popping up over here at Leluna Star.
If you have been following my journey over the past few years, you know that I started this crazy career by designing and sewing clothes. I spent hours and days researching trends, fabrics, styles and sketching lines every Spring and Fall...and I loved it! 
The hardest thing with designing and sewing clothes is there are only so many hours in a day and being a first time mother, it was very difficult to juggle it all. So, I made a decision to put the custom clothes making on the back burner and focus on creating the imaginative play items that I am currently making right now...which I love making just as much!
Guess what happened? ..... Yup....I miss designing and sewing clothes. Saw that happening, didn't you?

Earlier this year I decided to set some goals for 2018 and one of those goals was to put a sincere focus on "creating what brings me happiness". While making finger puppets and masks is absolutely bringing me happiness - I recognized how much I was really missing sewing. 
So....I'll be bringing back my top 4 clothing items in March and then adding 2 more items in least that's the plan for now. Who knows how much inspiration hits me in the next few weeks?


You will be able to find all of our items under our Children's Clothing Collection section of our website, starting on March 2nd. All of these items are handmade by me with a focus on fun fabrics that will last through all those childhood adventures that are bound to happen. As before, all of the items I make are done in small quantities. Once the fabric is gone, it's gone.
I am also going to get back into making custom clothing - from simple onesies and t-shirts to family vacation clothing to those milestone photo moments to wedding attire. You can see some of my previous custom designs and find out how to order something custom and one-of-a-kind in our Custom Design listing (again, starting on March 2nd)
Thanks for reading all of that (whew) and for continuing on this journey with me. I am super excited to share with you all these new things with you!
And if you read all of that ... sign up for our quarterly newsletter (the first one goes out mid-March) and you'll receive a special discount code only available to our newsletter subscribers as well as special savings for our first-time subscribers.

Fab Friday - 2.23.2018

Fab Friday - 2.23.2018

With every Friday comes Fab Friday over here at Leluna Star. Keep reading to see how you can save 15% off everything and anything in the Fab Friday Collection.

Below you can find a new finger puppet set, new stuffie, 3 new animal masks, 4 new crayon holders and a new key chain - ready for adventures. 

Click on the photo to be brought to the item.




Use the code FABFRIDAY15 to save 15% on all these items - until March 1st!

My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine

I am finding out very quickly that my daughter has a very strong desire to create things that make people happy and I can only hope that I had a small part in that. 

This week she had a Valentine's Day party at her preschool and she asked me to help her make things for her friends at school. I know that I wanted to give her friends something that would be used and would last a long time, as well as something that meant something for each child. 

So, she went through all the designs of Crayon Holders that I make and thought about each of her friends and picked a design out for each one. "Well", she said, "I know that 'Z' loves let's do this one!"

My favorite thing was that she really thought about each person and what they would like. Now, who knows if she got it right...but I wanted to teach her that when it comes to gift should always think about what that person would appreciate. 

Yes, she even helped me make some of them! I mean, I didn't expect to make all of them. She's only 4!

We spent some quality time putting together the packets for everyone, which included a crayon holder, pencil topper, a new pencil and a small pad of paper.

Maddie then went to work decorating the notes with stickers...because...well, she's in preschool and that's what they do at that age. 



Of course, we couldn't leave her teacher out, so I created a new finger puppet set: Silly Cat for her to use in her teaching. 

The very best part of all of this for me was being able to spend time with Maddie as we did some crafts, thought about our friends and of course...ate some Valentine's Day candy!

Why I do what I do and 100 days of school

Why I do what I do and 100 days of school

It's been awhile since I've (re)introduced myself to those of you that may be following me on Instagram and Facebook and I thought today would be the perfect day to do that. 

Today is my daughter's 100th day of school and boy does she love school. She's the kid that gets mad when she's sick because that's not a good enough reason to stay home from school. (Don't worry. I'm the mom that refuses to let her go). 

And as many of you parents may know, that means it's a day for making crafts, "100 days" shirts, party gear and the like. We kept it relatively simple and I gave her a bunch of fabric markers and let her at it. A few strands of sequins, some hot glue and puffy paint...and boom...we were done!

Which brings me back to the introduction. My name is Leah Mancini (although most people call me Lilu) and I am a stay at home mother that loves to create. When we found out that our daughter was coming, my husband and I made the decision that I would stay at home with her and focus on making Leluna Star something more. Which means...I have the best job ever!!

Spending time with my daughter during these crucial first years has been a major blessing and spending the time on my dream of owning a small business and creating has been the cherry on top of the sundae. Seriously. 

Another added blessing...the chance to give back to my community. No matter where our daughter was going to go to school, I knew that I always wanted to create and donate items to her teachers for use in their classrooms. One thing I made abundantly clear to my husband when we found out we were going to have a kid: Stay At Home Mom = absolutely!  Home School Teacher = absolutely not! 

I have nothing against home schooling. I just know my strengths and weaknesses. A teacher...I am not. I have known teachers and principals personally....that is one TOUGH job. I am in awe at all the work, dedication and commitment (and hello...patience!) that goes into that profession. 

So, while I am not able to teach like them, I feel like I am able to support in another way. I have been able to donate finger puppets, teaching tools and as of masks to celebrate the 100th Day of School. Teacher's "give" of themselves in so many ways - physically, emotionally, financially...that if I can help in a small way to bring something new or different to their is my true joy to do so.

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