Fab Friday - 2.23.2018

Fab Friday - 2.23.2018

With every Friday comes Fab Friday over here at Leluna Star. Keep reading to see how you can save 15% off everything and anything in the Fab Friday Collection.

Below you can find a new finger puppet set, new stuffie, 3 new animal masks, 4 new crayon holders and a new key chain - ready for adventures. 

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Use the code FABFRIDAY15 to save 15% on all these items - until March 1st!

My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine

I am finding out very quickly that my daughter has a very strong desire to create things that make people happy and I can only hope that I had a small part in that. 

This week she had a Valentine's Day party at her preschool and she asked me to help her make things for her friends at school. I know that I wanted to give her friends something that would be used and would last a long time, as well as something that meant something for each child. 

So, she went through all the designs of Crayon Holders that I make and thought about each of her friends and picked a design out for each one. "Well", she said, "I know that 'Z' loves let's do this one!"

My favorite thing was that she really thought about each person and what they would like. Now, who knows if she got it right...but I wanted to teach her that when it comes to gift should always think about what that person would appreciate. 

Yes, she even helped me make some of them! I mean, I didn't expect to make all of them. She's only 4!

We spent some quality time putting together the packets for everyone, which included a crayon holder, pencil topper, a new pencil and a small pad of paper.

Maddie then went to work decorating the notes with stickers...because...well, she's in preschool and that's what they do at that age. 



Of course, we couldn't leave her teacher out, so I created a new finger puppet set: Silly Cat for her to use in her teaching. 

The very best part of all of this for me was being able to spend time with Maddie as we did some crafts, thought about our friends and of course...ate some Valentine's Day candy!

Why I do what I do and 100 days of school

Why I do what I do and 100 days of school

It's been awhile since I've (re)introduced myself to those of you that may be following me on Instagram and Facebook and I thought today would be the perfect day to do that. 

Today is my daughter's 100th day of school and boy does she love school. She's the kid that gets mad when she's sick because that's not a good enough reason to stay home from school. (Don't worry. I'm the mom that refuses to let her go). 

And as many of you parents may know, that means it's a day for making crafts, "100 days" shirts, party gear and the like. We kept it relatively simple and I gave her a bunch of fabric markers and let her at it. A few strands of sequins, some hot glue and puffy paint...and boom...we were done!

Which brings me back to the introduction. My name is Leah Mancini (although most people call me Lilu) and I am a stay at home mother that loves to create. When we found out that our daughter was coming, my husband and I made the decision that I would stay at home with her and focus on making Leluna Star something more. Which means...I have the best job ever!!

Spending time with my daughter during these crucial first years has been a major blessing and spending the time on my dream of owning a small business and creating has been the cherry on top of the sundae. Seriously. 

Another added blessing...the chance to give back to my community. No matter where our daughter was going to go to school, I knew that I always wanted to create and donate items to her teachers for use in their classrooms. One thing I made abundantly clear to my husband when we found out we were going to have a kid: Stay At Home Mom = absolutely!  Home School Teacher = absolutely not! 

I have nothing against home schooling. I just know my strengths and weaknesses. A teacher...I am not. I have known teachers and principals personally....that is one TOUGH job. I am in awe at all the work, dedication and commitment (and hello...patience!) that goes into that profession. 

So, while I am not able to teach like them, I feel like I am able to support in another way. I have been able to donate finger puppets, teaching tools and as of masks to celebrate the 100th Day of School. Teacher's "give" of themselves in so many ways - physically, emotionally, financially...that if I can help in a small way to bring something new or different to their is my true joy to do so.

Every day should be a holiday to celebrate love.

Every day should be a holiday to celebrate love.
We are "sharing the love" with you - for the entire month of February - and can save on Valentine's Day items and MORE!

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2018 is here and so are some big changes for Leluna Star!

2018 is here and so are some big changes for Leluna Star!

Well, another year has come and gone (way too fast, in my opinion) and I have spent the last week or so reflecting on what an amazing year it has been! I have met some amazing people, customers, vendors and organizers this past year - all of whom have encouraged me and motivated me to keep doing what I love.

So about those changes to come in 2018:

  • Monthly Blog and Newsletter: At the beginning of each month, I'll be putting together a monthly blog and newsletter. Both will contain my upcoming events and markets as well as a "What's New" section that will detail the items that I have added to my website in the past month. Any special discount codes will only be in the Newsletter, which you can sign up for on any page on my website (scroll to the bottom).
  • Fab Friday: All new weekly releases will be released at 3pm every Friday and announced on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You will be able to use the "FABFRIDAY15" discount code to save 15% on this collection of items. As always, the collection is updated every Friday.
  • Craft Fairs and Pop Up Markets: I participated in a lot of markets last year (just ask my husband) and while I love doing them, I will be doing less monthly shows. Spending my weekends with my family is crucial to me and I will be focusing more on my online presence (more about that next). So, be sure to check out the Event Calendar for where I will be every month. Additionally, I will be bringing less of "everything" with me to these local markets (again my husband thanks me). I spend so much time packaging product for these events that I have decided to cut down on that time and focus more on making new product, adding it to the website and selling it that way. As always, if you would like to order something from me and pick it up at one of my events, you can use the code PICKUPORDER on my website to remove all shipping costs and I will contact you to make arrangements.
  • Website Changes: After speaking to customers at my events as to how they shop through my website, I'll be making some changes to the website to make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. Those changes will be taking place throughout the month of January - so please be patient with me as I make those adjustments. I always love hearing from my customers, so please contact me if you have any suggestions.

Every new year means a fresh start and I'm excited about what this year is going to bring Leluna Star. Cheers to growth, excitement and happiness!!

How to receive your Leluna Star order before Christmas

How to receive your Leluna Star order before Christmas

It's that time of year already! 

Between all the craft fairs that we will be at in December 2017 and all our custom orders and online orders, the cut off date for ordering products to be received by Christmas will be 12/10/2017 this year. 

Why December 10th? With our production time being at 2-3 weeks this time of year and the post office being extra busy delivering all those packages, we want to be certain that you receive your order on time. 

Some items are in stock and "ready to ship", so please feel free to contact us at to confirm that the product you want is in stock before ordering.

All orders placed after December 10th will be processed after December 25th.

Thank you all for your support this year. It has been one for the record books!!


Leah Mancini
Leluna Star

We are packing our bags and hitting the road in October!

We are packing our bags and hitting the road in October!

We have 2 big events in October and can't wait to see you at them. 

 The Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is event is October 19th and October 20th in Raleigh at the North Hills Club. Admission is only $5 and with that $5 admission you get a ticket for a door prize drawing of your choice. You may purchase additional $5 tickets for more chances to win! A portion of all $5 proceeds will go to #teamchriscombs to help #strikeoutALS. What better reason to come and shop!? No matter how many times you come to shop there is only a one time $5 charge to get in!



It is our first time at the NC Oyster Festival but this year marks the 37th Annual NC Oyster Festival in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. What started as a simple oyster roast in the late 1970s has now become one of the largest oyster festivals in the country. Always the third weekend in October, the NC Oyster Festival draws 30,000 people each year to shuck, shag, shop and of course, eat!

Festival goers enjoy live music all weekend from popular regional bands. On Sunday, we welcome GOOD CHOICE KITCHEN featuring Evonne Hardy as she does a live cooking segment featuring oysters.

Showcasing over 150 vendors, attendees can shop for unique and exclusive items including this year’s Local Lane attraction featuring local boutique businesses with product giveaways each day.

Rounding out the festivities are the annual oyster eating, shucking, stew and shag contests. 

Read more at Travel South Mag.


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"If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you're a princess."

"If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you're a princess."

A girl that kicks butt and takes names? Yes, please!

The Island Princess group may be one of my personal favorite of our "Once Upon a Time" summer theme. The Island Princess finger puppet set would make wonderful decorations fora cake or even as party favors.


Along the same lines, our Island Princess Masks are ready for anyone this is ready for a fun day of dress-up and imagination play.


Speaking of dress-up, our Crowns and Wands and Felties are one of our favorite things to make but the Island Princess versions are something special. Made from multiple colors of wool felt, they are made for hours and hours of play.


This group closes out with a sweet Crayon Holder and Dress Up Doll!


"I'm tired. I'm hungry. My tail's froze. My nose is froze. My ears are froze. My toes are froze."

"I'm tired. I'm hungry. My tail's froze. My nose is froze. My ears are froze. My toes are froze."

This group is small but full of cuteness!

Our Dalmatians finger puppet set has more cuteness than most with just a little bit of a bad guy in there!


Who will win the game? Bad Guy or Puppy Dog?

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

The simple times of childhood seem to fly by so fast. Always make time for long walks in the woods and a good book. 


This group for our "Once Upon a Summer" theme could very well be the picture of childhood. Sweet, lovable and adorable. Our finger puppet set is available with a Honey Pot bag, perfect for storing the puppets. 

 Our masks are a wonderful addition to any party, as are the stuffies or key chain for a gift. 


We also have our popular Tic Tac Toe Game with the cutest honey pot and beehive pieces!


Hope your day is super sweet!

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